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Scab has been nagging growers for more than 100 years. Now, Prosaro fungicide is providing some relief.


We are your reliable source for solutions to the challenges you face growing wheat and other cereals. Our portfolio is now more comprehensive than ever. Here you’ll find the right products, resources and learning opportunities to help you get more return on every dollar you invest in your crop, from start to finish.

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Cereal Resources

cereal experts

Insights from our Cereal Experts

Listen to Red River Farm Network interviews with Bayer Cereal Experts. // more

grower insights

Grower Insights

Learn the key to cereal success from experts who know how to get the most out their crop inputs. From preventing yield loss due to broadleaf weeds and grasses to boosting winter wheat yields, it’s never too late to pick up some new tips for healthier fields. // more

Identifying Stripe Rust in Wheat

Identifying Stripe Rust in Wheat

Absolute® Maxx is a cost-effective option for fast control of stripe rust, maximizing yield potential of your winter wheat. // more

Scab Identification and Control in Wheat

Scab Identification and Control in Wheat

Spray Prosaro fungicide to control fusarium head blight, or scab, a disease that leads to elevated DON levels, low grain fill and yield loss. // more

Sorghum Resources

Sorghum aphids

Sugarcane Aphids Pose Growing Threat to Sorghum

Learn how to control and prevent the white sugarcane aphid, a pest creating havoc for sorghum farmers who are increasingly seeing profit-robbing field infestations. // more


Top 8 Tips for Grain Sorghum Yields

Eight best management practices to help secure the best yields and return on investment when planting grain sorghum. Tips to add bushels and profits. // more

Great Yields Take Great Planning

Powdery Mildew in Cereal crops

Powdery Mildew in Cereal Crops

Protect yields from powdery mildew, one of the most common and damaging foliar diseases in wheat worldwide, through best management practices. // more

What Rust Diseases

Wheat Rust Diseases

Leaf, stem and stripe rust are among the most economically significant fungal diseases in wheat. Use best management practices to protect yields and profit. // more

Prickly Lettus Management

Protect Yield with Prickly Lettuce Management

Prickly lettuce is drought-tolerant so it competes for water, which can reduce wheat yield. Manage via seed prevention and other best management practices. // more

fall panicum and foxtail grasses

Fall Panicum and Foxtail Grasses

At a time of rising input costs, hard-to-control weeds like fall panicum, green foxtail and yellow foxtail can significantly reduce yields. Many growers are considering herbicides like Huskie® Complete, Huskie® and Varro® as a cost-effective means of controlling problem weeds. // more

Bayer Cereal Lineup

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Absolute Maxx
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Raxil Pro
EverGol Energy
Gaucho XT
Storcide II
Raxil Pro Shield
Hear from Dr. Joel Ransom and Dr. Andrew Friskop as they discuss/Learn about late-season threats and essential steps to prepare for a successful wheat harvest.// more
Cereal growers know utilizing a seed treatment is vital when it comes to protecting their crops from fungal pathogens and pests.// more
Use this tool from NDSU to learn if your crop is at risk for disease.// more
Find out the 4 ways to prevent scab and harvest healthy, quality grain for market.// more
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