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Spring Wheat
experts discuss the importance of selecting the right herbicide solutions for your cereal crops. Whatever your weed pressures, there’s a Huskie® product for the foundation of your IWM program.

Bayer offers a broad portfolio of innovative spring wheat solutions from planting to harvest. Explore topical and current spring wheat resources from our Cereal Experts to make the most of your season.


A farmer looking at wheat in the fieldsFrom Seed to Harvest: Bayer Cereal Solutions

A successful harvest is a season-long process. And using the right products along the way can help you maximize yields. To help you make the most of the growing season.


Grain being poured into a containerHow to Match the Right Huskie® Herbicide Product with Your Weed Spectrum

Prepare early this season with solutions tailored to your fields’ needs.


3 farmers standing around talking and smilingPlanning Considerations for Input Selection

Hear from crop consultants, university researchers, industry reps and peers on how to best set up your crop for success.


Winter Wheat
experts discuss the importance of working with your Crop Adviser when selecting the right herbicide solutions for your cereal crops. No matter the weed, we have a solution. There’s a Huskie® product for the foundation of your IWM program.

Bayer offers a broad portfolio of high-performing products to help winter wheat growers achieve high yield and grain quality potential. Explore our latest winter wheat resources to learn more about our solutions to help solve the toughest challenges in your region for a successful outcome at harvest.


A combine machine harvesting wheatTeam Up with Your Crop Adviser for Top Cereal Yields

A good working relationship with a trusted crop adviser, such an agronomist or field person from your local retailer, helps ensure that you’re able to identify, treat and control weed pests that otherwise could hurt both crop yield and grain quality.


A combine machine harvesting wheatTop 10 Tips for Winter Wheat Yields

Best management practices go a long way when planting winter wheat. These top 10 tips can help growers add bushels and profits.


A farmer with sunglasses climbing up into a combine machine4 Ways to Keep Scab at Bay

Scab damages grain yield and quality every year, costing growers their ROI. See four ways to avoid loss from this disease, including timing and seed selection.




With innovative solutions from planting to harvest, Bayer offers a diverse portfolio of products to help growers maximize grain production for a successful season. Dive into our frequently updated sorghum resources and discover more information and solutions to help you make the most out of every acre planted.


Sorghum in the fieldTop 8 Tips for Grain Sorghum Yields

While there are many factors involved in achieving top yields, these tips can help to produce the best grain sorghum (milo) for increased yield potential.


A small plane flying low and crop dusting a field Insects Pose a Threat to Your Sorghum Yield

Insects could pose a threat to your yield potential any time of the year. Learn more from Cereal Experts to help protect your Sorghum fields from insect damage this summer.


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