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What is Delaro™ fungicide?

Delaro is a new fungicide from Bayer that offers an advanced formulation that delivers unmatched, broad-spectrum disease control, best-in-class dual mode of action residual and improved plant health.

Why would I plan a fungicide application if I am not sure what disease pressure I’ll have - especially when commodity prices are low?

When it comes to addressing plant stress and disease, it’s important that you not take a “wait and see” approach, but instead consider planning ahead to protect your crop yield potential. If you take a “wait and see” approach and the disease takes a toll on the plant – that’s lost yield potential that can’t be recouped. Kyle Dixon, a grower from Fulton, KY says, “To get high yields we’ve got to apply a fungicide to protect what potential we have.”

What diseases does Delaro control?

Delaro is formulated with two heavy-hitting modes of action, together maximizing control of even the toughest diseases. In corn, Delaro has unmatched preventative and curative defense against yield-robbing diseases including gray leaf spot, northern corn leaf blight, anthracnose leaf blight and southern rust. In soybeans, Delaro defends against frogeye leafspot, brown spot, aerial blight and white mold. See the product label for a list of diseases controlled.

How does Delaro combat disease resistance development?

Fungicides are vital to the future of agriculture, but their utility is at risk from pathogens developing resistance to specific modes of action. According to the Fungicide Resistance Action committee (FRAC), a specialist technical group of CropLife International, the best way to prevent and manage disease resistance is by using multiple modes of action in tank mixes and rotations — all at labeled rates. Delaro contains two powerful broad-spectrum modes of action in one product, which helps fight the important fungal diseases in corn and soybeans, even strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot.

How is Delaro™ better than other popular fungicide brands?

Delaro has an improved active ingredient (AI) ratio. Delaro now contains 2.8x the rate of Proline® (compared to Stratego® YLD). This results in:

  • an unbeatable broad spectrum of disease control;
  • best-in-class, dual mode of action residual efficacy;
  • improved plant health; and
  • typically, higher yields.

How is Delaro mobility different from other fungicides?

The progressive movement of Delaro maximizes and extends its protection of your crop in a way other fungicides can’t. Delaro diffuses in and on the waxy surface of the plant. It then expands protection across the plant's exterior by moving via surface moisture, such as dew. Within the plant, Delaro is transported systemically throughout plant tissue for enhanced coverage. Delaro moves both on the inside and the outside of the plant.
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