Provost® Silver Fungicide
Broad-Spectrum Disease Control

An Essential Component of Any Peanut Spray Program

Peanut growers who include Provost® Silver in their disease management prescription protect their crop from a broad spectrum of soilborne and foliar diseases and open the door to higher yield opportunities. With its differentiated mode of action, Provost Silver is an essential component of any peanut spray program. Growers who use Provost Silver in their application rotation preserve the longevity of disease management tools needed for future seasons.

Provost Silver Key Benefits

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Highest Efficacy
Most efficacious DMI against key peanut diseases
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Powerful Tool
At the high use rate, Provost Silver delivers nearly 80 percent more prothioconazole than Provost Opti
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Systemic Activity
Provost Silver moves in both directions: downward on the stem to control soil diseases and upward to new growth
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Broad-Spectrum Control
Provost Silver delivers proven performance against soilborne and foliar diseases, including early leaf spot, late leaf spot and white mold
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Resistance Management
Provost Silver is the tool growers need to control disease today and manage resistance for tomorrow
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Flexible Application
Provost Silver is highly compatible with a wide variety of tankmix partners, including insecticide, fungicide, herbicide and fertilizer products

Effective Against

Leaf spots
White mold/Southern blight
CBR (suppression)

Registered Crops


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