Stratego YLD Harvestability: Healthy Fields. Healthy Yields

Strengthen Plants and Your Bottom Line

Stratego® YLD fungicide provides proven disease control and all-around plant coverage for healthier fields and a higher yield potential. What’s more, Stratego YLD can help reduce the amount of lodged corn in your fields, improving harvest efficiency and saving you time and money.

Improve Standability. Increase Profitability.

Harvesting lodged corn forces you to reduce speed to minimize yield losses, but slower speeds increase harvest expenses. Stratego YLD improves standability to reduce lodging and enhance productivity, helping you retain more profit.

Stratego YLD fights disease on both corn leaves and stalks to keeps plants standing healthier, longer.

Stronger, healthier plants are less prone to lodging, resulting in improved harvest efficiency.

Find out how the complete, all-around plant coverage and long-lasting disease protection of Stratego YLD can help increase harvest efficiency and boost profits and yields.

Learn more about disease control and yield advantages:

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