What is Stratego® fungicide from Crop Science, a division of Bayer?

Stratego is a broad-spectrum fungicide for disease control in corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, barley, oats, peanuts and pecans. Stratego works by interfering with respiration in plant pathogenic fungi, inhibition of spore germination and by blocking fungal growth.

Why is Stratego different from other fungicides?

Stratego has unique plant surface retention and redistribution properties that result in better coverage and better disease control. Stratego is quickly absorbed into the plant's waxy leaf surface to form a weather-resistant reservoir of protection. In addition, Stratego boosts the plant's natural defense system against disease and increases the plant's ability to withstand stresses, resulting in healthier, stronger plants.

What level of yield bump can I expect by applying Stratego?

Corn yields can vary greatly and are dependent upon a number of factors: tillage, soil fertility, hybrid selection, pest control and environmental conditions, to name just a few. Crop Science has conducted numerous field trials evaluating Stratego for disease control and yields across many different hybrids and environmental conditions. Under above normal rainfall conditions, Stratego has averaged a yield increase as high as 21.2 bu/A. When combining the data across all environmental conditions (normal, above normal and dry) from 2004 to 2008, the average yield increase is 8.4 bu/A.

How does Stratego provide better protection against the development of fungal disease resistance?

Many of the fungicides registered for use in corn today contain only a single active ingredient. Stratego contains two different active ingredients, each with a unique mode and site-of-action on fungal diseases.

What diseases are controlled by Stratego?

At the recommended application rates, Stratego controls a broad spectrum of major corn diseases, including: gray leaf spot, common rust, Anthracnose leaf blight, northern corn leaf blight, southern corn leaf blight and eyespot.

On what types of corn can Stratego be applied?

Stratego is registered for use on all types of corn, including: sweet corn, field corn, seed corn and popcorn.

How is grain quality improved?

Research has shown that corn treated with Stratego develops kernels that are more uniform in size and shape. The benefit can be especially valuable for growers producing seed corn.

What kinds of application equipment and spray volumes can I use to make a Stratego application?

Stratego is registered for ground application, aerial application and application by chemigation. Thorough spray coverage of the plant is necessary to provide good disease control. A minimum of 10 gallons per acre (GPA) is recommended for ground application and a minimum of 2 GPA for aerial application. When using irrigation systems (chemigation), Stratego should be applied with 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch of water over the area to be treated.

Where can I purchase Stratego and how is it packaged?

Stratego is available at most local dealer or retail outlets. Stratego is formulated as a 250 EC formulation and is available in two convenient package sizes, 2.5- and 270-gallon containers.
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