The Billion Dollar Pest

Soybean Cyst Nematodes are one of the most feared – and costly – threats in American ag.

Coping with Smut

Of all diseases that effect cereals, smut can be the most devastating—especially since affected crops cannot be treated after seeds are planted. Proceed™ seed treatment offers advanced broad-spectrum control against smut for wheat and barley crops, keeping plants safe from planting through harvest.


The global leader in seed treatments, Crop Science delivers the latest seed-applied solutions to market, helping growers maximize their seed investment and improve per-acre profits. These seed treatments protect plants both above and below the ground, starting early in the season and continuing through harvest. They offer advanced protection against nematodes, as well as seed and seedling diseases, increasing crop vigor, stands and yields—and that affects the bottom line.

Aeris logo


Aeris seed-applied insecticide/nematicide for cotton represents advanced technology tailored for today’s crop production.
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Allegiance FL Seed Treatment Fungicide provides systemic protection for the seed, roots and emerging plants against devastating diseases such as Pythium.
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ILeVO soybean seed treatment is the only product that offers effective protection against SDS and nematodes - two top yield robbers.
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Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0

Poncho/VOTiVO 2.0 seed treatment for corn protects against insects and nematodes while also enhancing the microbial activity in the soil.
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COPeO Prime

COPeO Prime is a cottonseed treatment from Bayer that contributes to higher yields under nematode pressure. Available only on Stoneville and FiberMax seed varieties.
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Emesto Silver

Emesto Silver is an innovative potato seed treatment fungicide that controls seed and soil-borne disease and promotes early crop establishment and plant vigor.
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Bayer EverGol is an innovative seed treatment fungicide that promotes more root growth for faster crop establishment for cotton, canola and cereal crops.
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Fluency Agent Advanced

Fluency Agent Advanced is a seed lubricant for corn and soybeans that improves planting performance and reduces dust that is potentially released during planting.
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Gaucho 600

Gaucho 600 Flowable provides unmatched protection against the worst insects - acting both on contact to protect the roots and systemically to protect the plant.
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Gaucho XT

Gaucho-XT Flowable Insecticide/Fungicide seed treatment is a low-dose, seed-applied, systemic flowable insecticide/fungicide for wheat, oats, rye, and barley.
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The Bayer Poncho seed treatment product portfolio offers broad-spectrum insect control by helping increase vigor, stands and yields in corn and sorghum seeds.
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Poncho Beta

Poncho Beta seed treatment provides early-season protection against pests to help maximize stand counts, increase recoverable sugar and improve profit per acre.
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Poncho/VOTiVO seed treatment protects young plants from pests during early development for soybean, corn and cotton seeds, leading to healthier root development.
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Raxil seed treatment provides protection against the most economically important soilborne diseases and strengthens seedlings in wheat, barley and oats.
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Thiram seed treatment is an industry standard with contact activity against multiple seedborne and soilborne fungi in vegetables and sugarbeets.
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Bayer Trilex seed treatment fungicide provides broad-spectrum protection against stand-reducing diseases and seedborne fungi in corn, soybeans and rice.
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