Seed Treatment Is Basically A Success

Ideal for small jobs, The CBT25 Basic Treating Model is recommended for treating corn seed. It enables you to treat seed by the single bag, one batch at a time. The Basic System provides excellent economy while applying seed treatments precisely and accurately.

Features & Benefits

  • Single mixing bowl, 50lb/25kg
  • 50lb/25kg inlet hopper with finger guard
  • Automated slide gate for batch treating
  • Programmable PLC single control box, mounted
  • Variable speed I/P pump drive 20-650rpm
  • Pump drive control for easy operation
  • Digital scale, graduated cylinder and quick disconnect pump element, for easy calibration

Treater Dimensions: Height 86.36" Length 51.88" Width 37.92"

  1. Additional Features
  2. Crops & Treatments
Control Panel Control Panel
  • Atomizer motor
  • Pump motor
  • Bowl motor
  • PLC Display Screen
  • Bowl Speed Micro Tachometer Display
  • Electrical requirements: 115VAC/1ph/60Hz/15A
IP Pump and Drive Assembly IP Pump & Drive Assembly
  • Variable speed IP pump drive 20-650rpm
  • IP element kit (1) #26 (4.1 - 135 OZ/MIN - WATER)
  • IP element kit (1) #73 (6.8 - 270 OZ/MIN - WATER)
  • IP element kit (1) #82 (13.5 - 440 OZ/MIN - WATER)
Calibration System Calibration System
  • Portable balance scale
  • 250mL graduated beaker
Value Added Options
    The Turnkey System
  • Equipped with heavy-duty locking caster kit
  • Dust evacuation system
  • Filter bag, 25 micron
  • 150cfm, low pressure blower, 115v
  • Blower power cord, 15ft
  • Chemical inlet wand with strainer, 20ft tubing

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