Loss In Weight System

There are four treaters that use the Loss In Weight System, ranging in capacity from 6000lb/hour to 48,000lb/hr. All Loss In Weight Systems can accept Barley, Canola, Corn, Cotton, Soybean, Sugar Beet, Sunflower, Vegetable and Wheat seed.

  • The multi-programmable PLC coordinates different seed types, fungicides, insecticides, order of application, and length of treating time.
  • The industrial PC interface provides a digital display of totals grams, target grams, actual grams and percent accuracy for chemical.
  • The auto messaging system relays information or questions about operation, last batch, alarms, low seed or chemical levels.
  • Liquid treatment is measured by a loss in weight pumping system, then atomized to ensure uniform seed coverage.
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Automatic Slurry - Control Screen
  • Automatic calibration of each product
  • 20 liter mixing pump stations (up to 4)
  • Automatic clean out retrieves product from pumps and PSD supply tanks (up to 4)
  • Accumulation display of seed and chemical weight for each cycle
  • PLC operates up to 4 Loss in Weight Pump & Weighing Stations
Removable Bowl Cover Removable Bowl Cover
  • Lifts up and swings out (R-L) for inspection, cleaning and servicing the mixing bowl
Integrated Aspiration System Integrated Aspiration System

Dust evacuation ports remove dust and chaff for improved treatment-to-seed coverage. They are located on top of the Bowl Cover, on the side of the Discharge, on the bottom of the Weigh Basket frame and on the lid of the Optional Powder Feeder hopper.

Chemical Inlet Chemical Inlet
  • Supports up to 4 Pump & Weighing Stations
  • Removable for cleaning and maintenance
Value Added Options
  • Remote control panel (45ft.)
  • 60 gallon CBP tank
  • Weigh Basket Auto Calibration
  • Up to 2 dry powder applicators
  • Internal print capabilities of total batches, batch size, and total kilograms treated for each treating period.
  • Internal printer modem connection
  • Internal color industrial touch operation or integration capability to existing network
  • Specialty coating capabilities
Additional Features CBT 25   CBT 50   CBT 100   CBT 200
Automatic Slurry - Control Screen
Removable Bowl Cover
Integrated Aspiration System
Chemical Inlet

CBT 25 / 50 CBT 100 / 200
Loss In Weight CBT 25/50 System Loss In Weight CBT 100/200 System
CBT 25   CBT 50   CBT 100   CBT 200
Capacity Up to 6,000lb/hr* Up to 12,000lb/hr* Canola:

Barley, Wheat, Cotton, Corn, Soybeans:
440bu./hr (12.0 M.T./hr)

Sunflowers, Sugar Beets, and Vegetables:

Barley, Wheat, Cotton, Corn, Soybeans:
880bu./hr (24.0 M.T./hr)

Sunflowers, Sugar Beets, and Vegetables:
Bowl Capacity 25kg 50kg 100kg 200kg
Height 81.74" 81.74" 81.74" 116.87"
Length 47.63" 47.63" 47.63" 79.67"
Width 45.00" 45.00" 45.00" 63.00"
*Capacity based on a 60-pound bushel weight and a 30 second cycle using corn
Loss in Weight Crop Chart

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