Downstream Drum Treaters

High Volume. High Standards of Coverage and Appearance.

Continuous flow, Downstream Drum Treaters deliver more accurate application control at high volumes. These systems deliver excellent seed coverage and appearance. For high-value treatments in particular, the payback potential is much greater.


The continuous "Commercial" system electronically reads the amount of seed running through the treating head and calculates the rate of applied seed treatment per volume of seed. The seed volume and application rate of the continuous "Basic" system is manually calibrated and adjusted. Both seed and treatment flow rates can easily be monitored and adjusted either automatically or manually.

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent systems control (PLC controller)
  • Up to four Cone Bottom Polyurethane (CBP) premix tanks (cone shape for easy draining)
  • Automated flow meter with optional digital readout
  • Top mounted closed calibration for real time pump output to ensure accurate seed coverage
  • Optional 15 gallon = approx. 55 ltrs inoculation tank for last minute addition of inoculants (mainly for soybeans)

Recommended for treating corn, cotton, rice, sugar beets, sorghum, soybeans and wheat seeds.

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