A Compact, Portable All In One

  • 15 liter chemical tank with manual agitation
  • 180KG hopper capacity
  • Single phase, 50hz, 220vac
  • 2-way bagging discharge assembly
  • Adjustable height; 8 stops - 100mm apart
  • 250ML calibration tube included
  • Variable speed peristaltic pump
  • Adjustable seed flow gate
  • Stainless steel drum for chemical resistance and long life
  • Optional - Add casters for greater mobility
  • Capacity up to 35kg/min (based on soybeans)
Treater Dimensions: Height 2211mm (adjustable) Length 721mm Width 1218mm
  1. Additional Features
  2. Crops & Treatments
Seed Flow Control Seed Flow Control
  • Adjustable for customized seed flow
  • Consistent, reliable seed flow for accurate application
  • Adjustable seed gate stop
  • Adjustable seed gate arm Chemical Calibration
  • 250ml Calibration Beaker
  • 3-way manual valve for calibration/treat modes
  • Easily accessible and removable for cleaning Pump & Control
  • LS peristaltic pump with speed control
  • Rheostat control ensures precise metering of chemical onto seed
  • Pump setup ensures low chemical rate application
  • Peristaltic pump out performs diaphragm pumps
Drum Drum
  • Stainless steel mixing drum
  • Guarded for operator safety
  • .25kW drum motor with gear reducer
  • Unique Twin Drum System: Inner Drum - Seed inlet and mixing, Outer Drum - Mixing, drying, seed discharge
Double Bagger Assembly Double Bagger Assembly
  • Gate valve deflector
  • Can treat into two 25kg bags at a time
Value Added Services
  • Easy calibration, bag to bag treatment, and easily transportable
  • 8 Adjustable height positions
  • Compact and portable, ideal for field treating
  • In-line Chemical Filter with 20mesh filter, removable for cleaning and shut-off valve
  • Parts Kit supplied with every CF35
  • Modular smaller size and assembled frame helps to lower shipping costs

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