What’s in a Name?

March 7, 2022

WestBred wheat offers industry-leading seed varieties that are locally tested and regionally specific to help wheat growers achieve superior yield potential.

Through the latest breeding, germplasm and technology breakthroughs, WestBred delivers a diverse selection of high-performing varieties bred specifically for certain regions. When a variety exceeds our expectations and is ready to make it to your fields, it receives a unique identifier that is more than just a number.

Newly commercialized WestBred wheat varieties begin with WB, followed by a four-digit numerical identifier. In certain wheat varieties, an additional identifier may be needed that will contain either numeric or alpha characters.

Example: WB1142, a WestBred wheat variety.

For existing commercialized variety names in the marketplace, the variety is a word that is either prefaced with WB- or followed by “a WestBred wheat variety.”

Example: WB-EXPRESSO or EXPRESSO, a WestBred wheat variety.

For more agronomic insight, visit the Regional Resources page or contact your local WestBred representative.