A collaborative series on innovations in agriculture from Bayer. 

The Intersect

The Intersect brings together industry experts and farmers to talk about technology, exchange ideas and show how products, people and the research and development pipeline are all connected.

Cotton's Legacy, Lifestyle and Innovation

Cotton farms in America are part of a long-standing legacy of innovation dating back to the cotton gin. This group will discuss what it means to be part of the industry, the products that are helping them today — like ThryvOn® Technology — and what the future holds for the next generation of growers.

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Expert Participants

Eric Best

Eric Best, from the Texas Panhandle, has spent over 25 years in the cotton industry. He discovered his passion for cotton cultivation at Texas Tech University under the guidance of Dr. Dan Krieg, where after graduating in 1996, he began his journey with Paymaster Cottonseed. Eric was mentored by industry veterans like Dave Albers and Keylon Gholston, where he had a chance to navigate challenges across the Cotton Belt. As the Deltapine Product Manager, he remains dedicated to learning and sharing wisdom, believing in the importance of humility and dedication in shaping the cotton industry.

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