IPM Potato Portfolio — Stage 5:

Tuber Bulking

After tubers initiate and start to bulk up, create an agronomic force field to protect potatoes from diseases, like botrytis or gray mold, and from aphids and psyllids that vector detrimental diseases.
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Luna Pro Fungicide

Introducing the newest member on the Force in the Field team - Luna Pro fungicide. Luna Pro is a premium premix fungicide that provides both foliar and soilborne disease control in potatoes.

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Product Showcase – Tuber Bulking

FungicideLuna® Pro
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  • Consistent Results
  • Systemic Activity
  • Resistance Management
  • Enhanced White Mold Control
InsecticideLeverage® 360 Insecticide
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  • Two Modes of Action
  • Powerful Control
  • Stress Shield Protection
FungicideLuna Tranquility® Fungicide
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  • Exceptional Efficacy
  • Resistant Disease Control
  • Application Flexibility
  • Integrated Pest Management
InsecticideOberon® Insecticide
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  • Lasting Protection
  • Unique Mode of Action
  • Control and Protect
FungicidePrevicur® Flex Fungicide
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  • Excellent Disease Control
  • Effective Chemistry
FungicideScala® Fungicide
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  • Precise Control
  • Extensive Protection
  • Rotation Partner
  • Flexible Spray Timing
FungicideSerenade® ASO Fungicide
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  • Effective Control
  • Active Protection
  • Flexible Application
  • Unique Mode of Action
InsecticideSivanto® Prime Insecticide
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  • Precise Targeting
  • Great IPM Fit
  • Unique Chemistry

Bayer PLUS Potato

Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS.

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