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2024 National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest

Your quest for success starts here. And with the high yield potential of DEKALB® brand sorghum by your side, you’re already one up on the competition.

The competition’s fierce, but friendly.

We’re calling on the top sorghum farmers in the nation. Get in the contest and get on your way to victory.

Why settle when you can win?

You’ve got the drive. You’ve got the seed. Now go secure the win. Enter the 2024 National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest by Nov. 26. You could win a trip to the 2025 Commodity Classic in Denver.

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See yourself here.

This is what a championship season looks like. Take a look at our previous winners, where they’re from and what they grew.

Bibb and Nighswonger Partnership Irrigated Western 1 KS Comanche 218.64 DKS44-07
HRB Farming Partnership Dryland-Tillage Eastern 3 MO Livingston 177.90 DKS44-07
Name National Rank Field State Class Brand Yield
Heath A. Cutrell 1 VA A DKC66-18RIB 394.0485
Drew Haines 1 MD C DKC68-69RIB 384.8359
Cory Atley 1 OH B DKC63-91RIB 366.3266
Carl Atley 2 OH B DKC63-91 365.5673
Kevin Kalb 1 IN F DKC65-99RIB 360.1445
Nikia B Kalb 1 IN D DKC67-94RIB 355.7383
Shawn Kalb 2 IN D DKC70-27RIB 350.0314
Rhylan Kalb 3 IN D DKC65-99RIB 350.0301
Temple Rhodes 3 MD H DKC63-91RIB 344.9377
Emmersen Kalb 3 IN B DKC67-94RIB 340.0538
Andrea Rigdon 1 MD E DKC63-91 324.9897
John Alexander Rigdon 2 MD AE DKC59-82RIB 324.7322
Chad Rigdon 2 MD G DKC62-70 324.0123
Chris Miltenberger 3 WV E DKC70-27RIB 323.9324
Joshua Will Watson 2 TN A DKC67-44RIB 319.3608
Marvin and Glenn Wiles 3 NE C DKC64-65RIB 313.0475
Sam Santini 3 NJ A DKC67-94RIB 312.5506

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Bred to achieve outstanding standability to hold up against harsh winds — and featuring staygreen characteristics to counter drought — DEKALB sorghum is the choice of leading farmers looking to maximize yield potential.

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