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2023 DEKALB® National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest

Enter for a chance to win a trip for two to the 2024 Commodity Classic in Houston.

The competition’s fierce, but friendly.

We’re calling on the top sorghum farmers in the nation. Get in the contest and get on your way to victory.

Start right here.

Entering is easy. In fact, we'll pay your 2023 NSP membership or renewal fee and your first contest entry fee. When you fill out your entry form, just leave the payment portion blank. Be sure to get your entry application in by 11/15/23.

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Frequently Asked Questions
    Why enter the NSP National Sorghum Producers Yield Contest?
    What do I win?
    What do I need to enter?
    How do I enter?
    Will DEKALB® pay for my entry fee and NSP membership fee?
    Can I enter myself, or does my rep have to do it?

See yourself here.

This is what a championship season looks like. Take a look at our previous winners, where they’re from and what they grew.

Walters Farms Dryland-Tillage Eastern 1 IL Clark 184.21 DKS38-16

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Bred to achieve outstanding standability to hold up against harsh winds — and featuring staygreen characteristics to counter drought — DEKALB sorghum is the choice of leading farmers looking to maximize yield potential.

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When you connect with your local DEKALB dealer, they’ll offer you more than products. You’ll also get year-round insight and information. Their goal is the same as yours: maximum yield from every field.

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