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Delaro® Fungicide
Delaro fungicide for corn and soybeans can help you get the edge you’re looking for.

Fungicides Protect Crop Potential and ROI

Three Ways Fungicides Protect Crop Potential and Increase ROI
Fungicides can play an important role in protecting crop potential and providing growers a return on their investment in three ways.

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Deliver Stronger Crops to Harvest

GenericBayer fungicides deliver consistent control and are proven to reduce the likelihood of yield loss, helping growers bring healthy crops to harvest and higher margins to their books. Our products offer a wide variety of fungicidal benefits, with multiple modes of action that protect crops throughout the growing season.

Featured Fungicides

Delaro logo

Delaro® Fungicide for Corn and Soybeans
Raise the bar on yields next season with Delaro fungicide.

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Luna® Fungicide for Hort Crops
Helps ensure a beautiful, abundant harvest.

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Prosaro® Fungicide for Cereals
Unsurpassed control of both leaf and head diseases, including leaf, stem and stripe rusts.

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Propulse® Fungicide for Peanuts
Exceptional yields and unparalleled disease protection in an easy-to-use liquid formulation.

All Fungicides

Absolute LogoAbsolute®

Bayer Absolute 500 SC fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide for the control of certain diseases of peanuts.

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Absolute® Maxx

Absolute Maxx fungicide effectively and efficiently controls major fungal diseases and promotes all-around plant health to maximize yield potential in corn and cereals.

Aliette LogoAliette®

Aliette fungicide delivers two-way systematic protection against Phytophtora, downy mildew and other diseases in vegetable and fruit crops.

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Delaro® Complete

New Delaro® Complete fungicide offers unique chemistries in all three modes of action to provide consistent disease control and increased plant health all season long.

Delaro logo


Delaro fungicide provides broad-spectrum disease control to help maximize yield and profit potential in corn and soybeans by protecting your crop from key diseases.

Flint Extra LogoFlint® Extra

Flint Extra fungicide goes beyond outstanding disease control, offering enhanced value for growers thanks to several unique properties.

Gem LogoGem®

Gem fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that protects against many diseases affecting tree nuts, citrus, stone fruits, potatoes, vegetables, rice and sugarbeets.

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With three formulations – Luna® Sensation, Luna Experience® and Luna® Tranquility – growers have a systemic solution proven to control a wide range of horticultural diseases.

Previcur Flex LogoPrevicur® Flex

Previcur Flex is a systemic fungicide providing for potatoes, tomato, cucurbits, peppers, lettuce, and greenhouse-grown crops.

Proline LogoProline®

Bayer Proline is a powerful, broad-spectrum fungicide that provides disease protection for cotton crops and peanuts.

Proline LogoPropulse®

Learn more about how Propulse fungicide provides best-in-class protection against a variety of diseases.

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Prosaro fungicide provides broad-spectrum disease control to help maximize yield and profit potential in wheat and barley by protecting your crop from key diseases.

Provost SilverProvost® Silver

Provost Silver protects peanut crops from a broad spectrum of soilborne and foliar diseases and opens the door to higher yield opportunities.

Reason LogoReason®

Reason 500 SC fungicide is a broad-spectrum foliar fungicide that controls diseases in potatoes and vegetable crops.

Scala LogoScala®

Scala SC is a foliar fungicide that provides preventive control against diseases in horticulture crops.

Serenade ASO logo

Serenade® ASO

Bayer Serenade ASO fungicide is a powerful tool designed for growers to be able to protect against the effects of soil and foliar bacterial and fungal diseases.

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Serenade® Opti

Bayer Serenade Opti fungicide and bactericide is a flexible tank-mix and a key part of a disease control program that makes disease resistance development difficult.

Stratego LogoStratego®

Stratego fungicide offers broad-spectrum disease control in a range of conditions for corn, soybeans, rice and wheat crops.

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Bayer Stratego YLD fungicide features the latest in triazole technology that provides broad-spectrum, long-lasting disease control in corn and soybeans.

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