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Farmer inspecting cotton bolls at harvest.
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Finish® 6 Pro Harvest Aid
Delivers superior boll opening while dropping green leaves and reducing terminal regrowth.

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Ginstar® Harvest Aid
Provides clean, consistent defoliation and regrowth inhibition, even in challenging weather conditions.

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GenericMaximize the return on investment in your crop with harvest aids to preserve yield and quality. Our harvest aids ready the crop for a clean, efficient harvest with minimum-to-no regrowth.

Featured Harvest Aids / PGR

Finish 6 Pro logo

Finish® 6 Pro Harvest Aid for Cotton
The only hormonal defoliant and boll opener premix.

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Ginstar® Harvest Aid for Cotton
Control regrowth regardless of the conditions.

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Stance® Plant Growth Regulator for Cotton
Effective and consistent vegetative management.

All Harvest Aids / PGR

Finish 6 Pro logoFinish® 6 Pro

Finish 6 Pro harvest aid, the only hormonal cotton defoliant and boll opener premix, reduces the risk of discounts and preserves quality.

Ginstar logoGinstar®

Ginstar is a defoliant that is effective at removing and stopping growth. Even in challenging weather conditions, it leads to higher-value cotton.

Stance logoStance®

Growers rely on the convenient, low use rate of Stance growth regulator to control growth, promote earliness, increase fruit retention and reduce boll rot.

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