Product Information

Requiem® EC insecticide is registered as a foliar-applied insecticide for use on a range of field grown fruit and vegetable crops. It is considered a reduced-risk insecticide due to low toxicity to mammalian and non-target organisms and is exempt from tolerance in the USA, having a 0-day pre-harvest interval (PHI).

An emulsifiable concentrate formulation, Requiem insecticide is powered by a unique synthesis of terpenes originally discovered in an insecticidal plant.

Key Benefits

  • Mode of Action – The active ingredient is attracted to the oily outer surfaces of target pests and works against all life-cycle stages of target pests. In addition, degradation of soft insect cuticles results in the disruption of insect mobility and respiration.
  • Exempt from Tolerances – Can be applied the same day of harvest without worry of exceeding residues.
  • Resistance Management – The development of resistance is unlikely, making it an excellent tool for resistance management, especially alongside other chemistries facing resistance issues.

Registered Crops

  • Citrus
  • Fruiting Vegetables
  • Grapes
  • Potato
  • Tree Nuts


  • Labeled for a maximum of 10 applications per growing season.
  • Re-entry interval is four hours.
  • There is a 0-day pre-harvest interval.

Requiem is exempt from residue tolerances. With a four-hour restricted entry interval and zero-day pre-harvest interval, Requiem provides a high degree of flexibility in use pattern. Requiem is safe for beneficial wasps, bees, and other natural predators when used as directed. It can be used in most IPM programs.


Exempt from residue tolerances, Requiem is a quick-acting insecticide that has a short four-hour re-entry interval, a zero-day pre-harvest interval, and is safe to beneficial insects allowing for excellent application flexibility. 

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