Product Information
Requiem® insecticide targets all life-cycle stages of sucking pests, from eggs to adults, with a unique mode of action. Synthesized using guidance originally found in an insecticidal plant, Requiem provides flexibility, performance and peace of mind in the fight against insects on high-value fruit and vegetable crops.
Key Benefits
Requiem possesses a unique mode of action. The active ingredient in Requiem is lipophilic – attracted to the oily outer surfaces of target pests – and works against all life-cycle stages of target pests. 

The Requiem product also protects plants from the dangerous effects of plant viruses. Since insects like whiteflies and thrips no longer feed on crops which have been treated with Requiem, they no longer pass along the virus from plant to plant. 

With three different modes of action, the development of resistance to Requiem  by target pests is unlikely, making it an excellent tool for resistance management, especially alongside other chemistries facing resistance issues.
Labeled for a maximum of 10 treatments per growing season, applications are limited only by a minimal 4-hour restricted entry interval. A 0-day preharvest interval allows for late season control of target pests. Requiem is also exempt from residue tolerances.

The Requiem insecticide has a 4-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and 0-day Pre-Harvest Interval. 

Labeled for foliar applications only, Requiem insecticide gives you the most flexibility in use pattern. Because the days between treatments are not specified, growers have the flexibility to treat problems and pest outbreaks as needed.

Requiem is safe for beneficial wasps, bees, and other natural predators, and can be safely used in most IPM programs.
Requiem is a quick-acting insecticide, rapidly and thoroughly eliminating pest threats in high value crops. 

An emulsifiable concentrate formulation, Requiem insecticide is powered by a unique synthesis of terpenes originally discovered in an insecticidal plant. A superior blend of emulsifiers and surfactants give Requiem the power to control the toughest sucking pests. 

Registered Crops
  • Citrus
  • Potato
  • Tomato


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