On Demand

Innovative Design

Innovative Design
The leading edge On Demand™ system offers a number of key improvements over traditional seed treatment equipment. Foremost, the system is fully automated and completely closed. Pre-loaded, bulk product containers eliminate inaccuracies caused by traditional hand mixing. The system is operated by a control panel for precise application, resulting in evenly coated seeds.
Automated Features

Automated Features
A number of fully automated features are in place designed to keep On Demand™ running smoothly, minimizing any potential downtime and ensuring continued efficient application of seed treatment products. Some of the most notable automated features include alerts when an element of the systems need attention, inventory alerts, two-way communication with treating facilities and software updates.
Customer Support

Customer Support
Any issues that may arise with On Demand™ can be reported via the “alert” process or by telephone. During the growing season, registered locations can call a 24-hour hotline. Issues will be assigned a number by the system depending on the level of severity, with those with the potential to negatively affect business receiving top priority.
System Control

System Control
The On Demand™ control panel allows users to select multiple preloaded customer-specific recipes, view reports and monitor inventory. It is even accessible via smartphone and personal computer.

Only Crop Science offers cutting-edge seed treatment products and the equipment to apply them consistently and precisely. The On Demand system is more than just machinery; it provides the dedicated Seed Application Technology Platform that best meets your needs.


On Demand Brings Innovation Downstream

On Demand™ marks one of the most significant innovations in the history of seed treatment application technology. A fully automated application system, On Demand helps ensure seed treatment is applied correctly and according to labeled rates. On Demand also provides downstream seed treaters with more accurate reporting capabilities, improved inventory management and streamlined invoicing for better service to their customers.

At the touch of a button, the On Demand system offers a fungicide seed treatment application or Crop Science’s Poncho/VOTiVO seed treatment for insect and nematode protection.

In addition to increased accuracy and efficiency, On Demand offers product stewardship and package convenience for seed treaters. Because the system is closed, it eliminates hand mixing, helping to minimize exposure to the user and impact on the environment. On Demand applies only approved seed treatment recipes, ensuring precise application. On Demand must be used in tandem with RH 800 or RH 2000 Commercial Downstream Drum Treaters.

Key Suggested Features and Benefits

  • Alerts - On Demand™ sends a number of automated alerts should an element of the system need attention.
  • Bayer Partner B2B Interface - On Demand™ sends a number of automated alerts should an element of the system need attention.
  • Software Updates - Annual software updates, new recipes, stewardship updates and hardware changes will download automatically.
  • 24/7 Customer Support - During the growing season, registered locations can call a 24-hour hotline.
  • System Control Panel - The user-friendly On Demand™ control panel is the nerve center of the system.

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