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Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions
A powerful array of seed treatment technologies: fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and bio-enhancers.

seed treatments protect emerging seedlings

Benefits of Cereal Seed Treatments
To help each kernel reach its full potential, a critical but sometimes overlooked defense is seed treatment.

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Maximize Your Seed Investment

Farmeer holding a small container of seeds. These seed treatments protect plants both above and below the ground, starting early in the season and continuing through harvest. Bayer’s portfolio offers advanced protection against nematodes, as well as seed and seedling diseases, increasing crop vigor, stands and yields—and that affects the bottom line.

Featured Seed Growth Products

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Raxil® Seed Treatment for Cereals
An early-season advantage for stronger stands and higher yield potential.

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Aeris® Seed-Applied Insecticide/Nematicide for Cotton
Protect your field from early season pests.

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EverGol™ Seed Treatment for Cereals and Cotton
Promotes more root growth for faster crop establishment.

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Trilex® Advanced Seed Treatment for Cotton
Complete broad-spectrum control from key pathogens.

All SeedGrowth Products

Acceleron logoAcceleron® Seed Applied Solutions

A powerful array of seed treatment technologies: fungicides, insecticides, nematicides and bio-enhancers.

Aeris logoAeris®

Aeris seed-applied insecticide/nematicide for cotton represents advanced technology tailored for today’s crop production.

Allegiance  logoAllegiance®

Allegiance FL Seed Treatment Fungicide provides systemic protection for the seed, roots and emerging plants against devastating diseases such as Pythium.

BUTEO start logoBUTEO™ start

BUTEO start insecticide offers a layer of powerful protection against striped and crucifer flea beetles in the crucial early growth stages to help support strong plant development.

Emesto Silver logoEmesto® Silver

Emesto Silver is an innovative potato seed treatment fungicide that controls seed and soil-borne disease and promotes early crop establishment and plant vigor.

Evergol logoEverGol™

Bayer EverGol is an innovative seed treatment fungicide that promotes more root growth for faster crop establishment for cotton, canola and cereal crops.

Evergol logoEverGol® Xtend C

EverGol Xtend C fungicide relies on new SDHI chemistry to provide excellent protection against Rhizoctonia, which helps improve early season vigor and stand.

Fluency Agent Advanced logoFluency Agent Advanced

Fluency Agent Advanced is a seed lubricant for corn and soybeans that improves planting performance and reduces dust that is potentially released during planting.

Gaucho 600 logoGaucho® 600

Gaucho 600 Flowable provides unmatched protection against the worst insects ⁠— acting both on contact to protect the roots and systemically to protect the plant.

Gaucho XT logoGaucho® XT

Gaucho XT Flowable insecticide/fungicide seed treatment is a low-dose, seed-applied, systemic flowable insecticide/fungicide for wheat, oats, rye, and barley.

Poncho Beta logoPoncho® Beta

Poncho Beta seed treatment provides early-season protection against pests to help maximize stand counts, increase recoverable sugar and improve profit per acre.

Raxil logoRaxil®

Raxil seed treatment provides protection against the most economically important soilborne diseases and strengthens seedlings in wheat, barley and oats.

Thiram logoThiram®

Thiram seed treatment is an industry standard with contact activity against multiple seedborne and soilborne fungi in vegetables and sugarbeets.

Trilex logoTrilex®

Bayer Trilex seed treatment fungicide provides broad-spectrum protection against stand-reducing diseases and seedborne fungi in corn, soybeans and rice.

Trilex Advanced logoTrilex® Advanced

Trilex Advanced seed treatment offers complete broad-spectrum control from key pathogens, including Fusarium, Pythium and Rhizoctonia.

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