Fluency Agent Advanced

Get More From Your Seed Lubricant

Product Information

Fluency Agent Advanced is a seed lubricant for corn and soybeans that improves planting performance while reducing the amount of dust potentially released during planting.

It is an alternative to talc, graphite and talc-/graphite-blended seed lubricants.

Fluency Agent Does More Than Other Seed Lubricants

  • Better Flowability and Singulation – Improves seed flow from the central fill hopper to row units for more efficient planting and more uniform stands.
  • Easier Cleanup – Less residue buildup in the seed hopper for cleaner equipment and handling.
easier cleanup
  • Less Dust for Better Stewardship – Further reduces the amount of dust and active ingredient potentially released during treated seed planting, thus reducing the potential risk of exposure to foraging honey bees and other pollinators that come in contact with the dust.

Additional Benefits

  • Measures, pours and mixes easily.
  • Convenient low use rate.
  • Can be used in all makes and types of planters.

Directions for Use

Apply at the time of planting to reduce seed-to-seed friction and improve uniformity of planting.
  • Apply at the rate of 23cc per 80,000-kernel seed corn unit or 23cc per 140,000-seed soybean unit.
    IMPORTANT: Mix Fluency Agent Advanced thoroughly into the seed.
  • When filling the large central fill seed hoppers, add Fluency Agent Advanced to the seed as it is filling the hopper to ensure even distribution.
  • Can be used in all makes and types of planting equipment that recommend the use of a seed lubricant.

Rates of Application

Fluency Agent Chart


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