Batch Modular Coater

The Batch Modular Coater (BMC) utilizes the same seed and chemical mixing process as Commercial Batch Treaters. As the name suggests, however, the BMC is designed for “modular,” or small seed lot treating and for scale up samples of commercial runs. The Batch Modular Coater can accept Alfalfa, Canola, Corn, Soybean, Sugar Beet, Sunflower seed and Percent Build-Up.

Features & Benefits

  • Mechanical weighing scale for improved accuracy
  • Atomizer Motor 1/2 hp, 90V DC
  • Dust evacuation port on the bowl
  • Clear Bowl Cover for easy viewing and maintenance
  • Internal atomizer for optimized treatment-to-seed coverage
  • Bowl Motor (not shown) 1/2 hp, 90V DC
  • Control Box with PLC display, Pump Controls (up to 2 pumps)
  • Closed calibration pumps for accurate metering of liquid product
  • Rolling Frame with locking casters
  • Optional Dry Powder Applicator for drying and buildup powders
Treater Dimensions: Height 86.36" Length 51.88" Width 37.92"
  1. Additional Features
  2. Crops & Treatments
Modular Mixing Bowl Modular mixing bowls
  • Small (8oz-2lb)
  • Medium (2-5lb)
  • Large (5-10lb)
Weigh Scale Weigh Scale
  • Scale inlet hopper
  • Precision balance scale
  • Batch hopper
Control Panel Control Panel
  • Atomizer motor
  • Pump motor
  • Bowl motor
  • Powder motor
  • Vibrator motor
  • PLC Display Screen
  • Bowl Speed Micro Tachometer Display Electrical requirements: 115VAC/1ph/60Hz/15A
Air Plumbing Assembly Air Plumbing Assembly
  • Scale
  • Bowl discharge
  • Bowl purge
  • Bowl vent Air requirements: 80psi
Pump & Calibration System Pump & Calibration System
  • Tank agitation GEAR MOTOR 115V TEFC 1/16hp
  • L/S PUMP 115V with Control
  • 100ml Closed Calibration
Value Added Option

Manual Mixing Cart Manual Mixing Cart
  • Rolling table
  • Locking casters
  • One mixing bowl (S,M or L)
  • Control panel

Ideal for setting up batch recipes.

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