Batch Modular Coater

  • Mechanical weighing scale for improved accuracy
  • Atomizer Motor 1/2 hp, 90V DC
  • Dust evacuation port on the bowl
  • Clear Bowl Cover for easy viewing and maintenance
  • Internal atomizer for optimized treatment-to-seed coverage
  • Bowl Motor (not shown) 1/2 hp, 90V DC
  • Control Box with PLC display, Pump Controls (up to 2 pumps)
  • Closed calibration pumps for accurate metering of liquid product
  • Rolling Frame with locking casters
  • Optional Dry Powder Applicator for drying and buildup powders
Treater Dimensions: Height 86.36" Length 51.88" Width 37.92"
  1. Additional Features
  2. Crops & Treatments
Modular Mixing Bowl Modular mixing bowls
  • Small (8oz-2lb)
  • Medium (2-5lb)
  • Large (5-10lb)
Weigh Scale Weigh Scale
  • Scale inlet hopper
  • Precision balance scale
  • Batch hopper
Control Panel Control Panel
  • Atomizer motor
  • Pump motor
  • Bowl motor
  • Powder motor
  • Vibrator motor
  • PLC Display Screen
  • Bowl Speed Micro Tachometer Display Electrical requirements: 115VAC/1ph/60Hz/15A
Air Plumbing Assembly Air Plumbing Assembly
  • Scale
  • Bowl discharge
  • Bowl purge
  • Bowl vent Air requirements: 80psi
Pump & Calibration System Pump & Calibration System
  • Tank agitation GEAR MOTOR 115V TEFC 1/16hp
  • L/S PUMP 115V with Control
  • 100ml Closed Calibration
Value Added Option

Manual Mixing Cart Manual Mixing Cart
  • Rolling table
  • Locking casters
  • One mixing bowl (S,M or L)
  • Control panel

Ideal for setting up batch recipes.

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