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A Partner in Your Fields And in Your Success

At the heart of the new and enhanced Channel® seed are the relationships we build with our farmers. You'll experience expert guidance on your farm through year-round customized service provided by your local Channel SeedPro.

Why Channel?

It starts with the best-in-class products giving you the tools you need to rise to the challenges in your fields today and continued success into tomorrow. Our commitment to farmers is supported by delivering leading-edge solutions, that are connected to you, through a next-level experience.

    At Channel® seed brand, we understand the importance of providing our farmers with best-in-class products, systems and digital tools that help advance your farm forward for generations to come.

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    Our core values revolve around true connectedness. Our expanded network of Channel SeedPros and agronomists have an understanding of your field by living and working in the communities they serve. At Channel® seed brand, we strive to build strong relationships with our local communities to better address your specific needs.

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    We take pride in delivering a next-level customer experience focused entirely on you. Anticipating your needs is at the heart of what we do. We go beyond just meeting your expectations — we recommend actionable strategies, with the help of our Channel Field Check Up Series and the Climate FieldView platform, to help you achieve your vision and exceed your goals.​

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11 Brands. 1 Bright Vision for the Future.

Eleven Bayer seed brands are joining forces to launch the new Channel® brand. You'll still get the same excellent products and service you've come to expect from your local brand, but now you’ll get even more.

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Become a Channel SeedPro

As a Channel SeedPro, you'll have access to innovative tools that help you deliver expert advice and customized service to farmers year-round. By investing in the success of your farmers, backed by a team that’s invested in you, you'll help them rise to the challenge in their fields.