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Envidor 2 SC Insecticide
“All Stages” Mite Control

Stops Mites. At All Life Stages.

Envidor® 2 SC miticide is active by contact against all developmental stages of mites, including eggs, nymphs and female adults. Envidor effectively reduces eggs and stops mite nymphs from progressing to the next development stage for greater reduction of mite populations over time.

Envidor provides good initial and excellent residual activity against target mite pests. It is effective as either a preventive or threshold treatment, allowing for maximum flexibility in application timing. The performance of Envidor has been proven equal or superior to currently used miticides from different chemical classes.

Envidor 2 SC Key Benefits

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Flexible Timing
Provides good initial and excellent residual activity against mites, and is effective as either a preventive or at-threshold treatment, allowing for flexible application timing
‘All Stages’ Mite Control
Active against eggs, nymphs and female adults, reducing overall population over time
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Resistance Management
Effective against mites resistant to other chemistries
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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
With a low impact on beneficial insects, Envidor is an excellent choice for use in IPM systems

Effective Against

Two-spotted spider mites
Pacific spider mites
European red mites
Citrus red mites
Citrus rust mites

Registered Crops

Pome fruit
Stone fruits
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