Biological Overview

Envidor® 2 SC Miticide is a selective, non-systemic foliar acaricide belonging to the chemical class of tetronic acids, developed exclusively by Bayer. The product has a new and unique mode of action classified as a lipid biosynthesis inhibitor (LBI). Envidor is active by contact against all developmental stages of mites, as well as eggs and female adults. 

Envidor displays unique properties and attributes that set it apart from IGRs and classical chemistries: 

Envidor clearly establishes a new and unique category for a crop protection product by combining many of the same desirable properties and attributes from both IGRs and classical chemistries. Envidor provides good initial knockdown and excellent residual efficacy of target pests and has also shown excellent plant compatibility. It is effective as either a preventive or threshold treatment, allowing for maximum flexibility in application timing. Envidor does not disrupt beneficial insects when used as directed, making it an excellent choice for use in IPM programs.

Envidor is highly effective against the economically important genera of mites in the U.S. that infest perennial crops, including:

  • Tetranychus (Twospotted spider mite, Pacific spider mite)
  • Panonychus (European red mite, Citrus red mite)
  • Phyllocoptruta (Citrus rust mite)
  • Brevipalpus (Citrus flat mite)
  • Aculus (Peach silver mite, Apple rust mite)

The unique mode of action of Envidor shows no cross resistance to other miticides currently in the market, making it an attractive new option for the control of phytophagous mites.

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