Envidor® is formulated as a two-pound active ingredient per gallon suspension concentrate material. The product has shown excellent physical compatibility properties with all conventional crop protection products currently in the market, including EC, SL, SC, WP and WG formulations, as well as various fertilizers and micronutrients. Due to the inability to test all potential combinations and water conditions, it is advisable to determine physical compatibility of the intended tankmix components prior to large-scale mixing. The product label should be consulted in such instances. To date, no plant compatibility issues have been observed with Envidor alone or with the tankmix combinations tested.

Use Recommendations

Application Timing and Spray Coverage

For optimal results, Envidor should be applied as a preventive treatment at the beginning of mite infestation before or just after flowering or later in the season at early threshold of mite populations.
Due to the contact nature of Envidor, thorough and complete coverage of the infested plant parts is required for optimal performance. Utilize appropriate spray volume according to the size and density of the treated crop.

IPM Compatibility

Envidor is suitable for Integrated Pest Management programs because it does not harm beneficial insects including predacious bugs, parasitic wasps, lacewings and ladybird beetles when used as directed.

Envidor exhibits a good degree of relative predator/prey selectivity and shows only a slight adverse effect on predacious mites, which does not compromise the IPM compatibility of the product.

To avoid a possible impact on bees, Envidor should not be applied to blooming, pollen-shedding or nectar-producing parts of plants.

Resistance Management

Crop Science recommends only one application of Envidor per crop season to prevent or delay the development of mite resistance, in accordance with IRAC guidelines established for fruit crops. If conditions warrant additional treatment, an effective acaricide of another chemical class with a different mode of action should be utilized.

Crop Specific Recommendations

For specific details by labeled crop, including labeled pests, rates and restrictions, consult the product label or contact your local Bayer sales representative. You can contact Bayer anytime by calling 1-866-99-BAYER (1-866-992-2937).

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