Recommended Cereal Products by Region

Bayer has the right crop protection solutions for every region of the country.

Click on your region below to find out what’s best for your cereal crop.

Always read and follow label instructions. Not all products are registered in all states. Huskie® Complete is a Restricted Use Pesticide.

Crop protection for your spring wheat, winter wheat and durum – click on a product logo to learn more:

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  • Fights Scab
  • Protects Against Disease
  • Rainfast
FungicideAbsolute® Maxx
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  • Delivers exceptional control of rust and other leaf diseases when applied at flag leaf
  • Offers more active ingredient than most competitive fungicides at the recommended rate with only one application
  • Vitalizes wheat to stay green longer, resulting in higher yield potential
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  • Multiple effective SOAs (group 6 and 27) with leading safener technology, controlling broadleaf weeds including those resistant to other chemistries
  • Rotational flexibility, particularly in the PNW
  • Used on winter wheat, spring wheat, barley and sorghum
  • Makes an excellent tankmix partner with several grass herbicides and insecticides
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  • Dependable control of Italian ryegrass, wild oats, downy brome and other tough grasses
  • Control of certain broadleaf weeds, including canola and mustards
  • Wide application window, allowing for optimal herbicide application timing
  • Flexible crop rotation with no carryover risk
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  • Flexible use pattern (pre and post)
  • Effective control of downy brome, Japanese brome, foxtail barley and true cheatgrass
  • Cost-effective tankmix partner
Seed Treatment FungicideEverGol®
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  • Consistently Better Crop Establishment
  • Improved Rooting System
  • Resistance Management
Seed TreatmentGaucho® 600
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  • Gaucho improves plant health, leading to higher yield
  • Convenient; applied to the seed by your seed supplier
  • Protection from thrips and plant bugs
  • Keeps aphid populations below the economic threshold for up to 65 days
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  • Axiom contains two active ingredients with different modes of action for a two-pronged approach to control many grass and small-seeded broadleaf weeds in winter wheat, making Axiom a perfect tool to fight both ALS or ACC-ase resistant weeds
  • Using Axiom followed by Osprey® herbicide in an IWM approach provides an exceptional resistance management tool in winter wheat
HerbicideHuskie® FX
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  • Resistance Management Tool
  • Broad Spectrum Control
  • Enhanced Kochia Control
  • One Simple Solution