Commercial Batch Treaters

The Perfect Seed Coating. One Batch At A Time.

Commercial Batch Treaters from Crop Science weigh the seed and apply the correct amount of seed treatment products one batch at a time. These highly precise systems are designed for upstream, industrial applications with advanced Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) electronics.


Fully automated, the systems deliver a predetermined batch size of seed to a mixing chamber, where treatment products are applied and blended together. Designs ensure safe, gentle handling with no exposure to the user or the environment.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated weighing and dispensing system (AWDS) for added slurry mixing and dispensing
  • Intelligent systems control (PLC controller)
  • Loss-in-weight pumping station
  • 500 gallon = approx. 1800 ltrs. stainless steel Premix Self-Draining (PSD) tank
  • 50 gallon = approx. 180 ltrs. Premix Cone Bottom Polyurethane (CBP) tank (cone shape for easy draining)
  • Optional powder applicators (this small extra unit applies seed treatment powder or talc powder for pelleting/ build-up of small seeds)
  • Dust evacuation ports as integrated aspiration system to remove dust and chaff for improved seed coverage

Recommended for treating barley, canola, corn, cotton, soybeans, sugar beets, sunflower, vegetables and wheat seeds.

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