Automatic Weight Dispensing System

Hands-free, closed-loop slurry mixing is made simple with the Automatic Weight Dispensing System, or AWDS. This automated slurry blending system utilizes the gravity (weight per volume) of each chemical to adjust its delivery. Based on a pre-determined recipe, the AWDS PLC will select up to 9 chemicals from CBP tanks (1-9) plus water to make a slurry mix in the PSD tank. The AWDS supplies as many as two slurry blends from 100 user-defined recipe options.

Bulk Transfer Pump

A closed system designed to keep users from chemical exposure, the Bulk Transfer Pump transfers chemical from bulk containers to Pump Stations, CBP, or PSD Tanks. In addition to being easy to use, the Bulk Transfer Pump is lightweight, portable and durable.

Cone Bottom Poly (CBP) Premix Tanks

  • Hinged tank cover lid for easy inspection, grated finger guard for worker protection
  • Seamless, one-piece construction cone bottom and smooth surface design, ensures complete self-drainage of viscous products, easier clean out
  • Pre-wired heavy-duty agitation motor 115V for easy installation
  • Graduated tank body scale in gallons, for product level reference

Premix Self-Draining (PSD) Tanks

This tank can be an essential part of a total treating system when water dye and chemicals are mixed together at low speed. The PSD Tank is ideal for mixing treatment products requiring dilution or agitation and pumping to the seed treater.


Pump & Weighing Stations

Draw chemicals from bulk or premix tanks and accurately weigh them before dispensing them to the CBT. The loss-in-weight Pump & Weighing Station automatically adjusts the amount of chemical if there is a change in the seed weight, ensuring consistent comical delivery.

Value Added Pumping Systems

  • Pumps can lift liquid slurry mix 20-30 feet vertically, depending upon product viscosity
  • Pumps can run dry without damage
  • When seed wheel stops, the pump stops
  • Peristaltic pump equipped with various element sizes
  • IP pump reacts to PLC signal, moves linearly with seed wheel

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