Flow Meter Kit

Recommended for use on CBP Tanks, the optional Flow Meter Kit displays chemical flow from up to four flow meters to the treater. The compact, in-line design promotes more accurate use of seed treatment products, stewardship and sustainability. All components are precision-tuned to work in tandem with one another, and all contact components are made of stainless steel construction. // LEARN MORE

Backlight Kit

The Backlight Kit is designed simply to backlight the 100 oz top mount calibration kit breakers that are mounted on CBP and PSD tanks. In many cases the Backlight Kit is essential to help improve clarity when reading a chemical level through heavy viscosity during calibration. // LEARN MORE

Cone Bottom Poly (CBP) Premix Tanks

Treatment products sometimes require dilution or agitation. The CBP Premix Tank, available in the 30-gallon, 60-gallon and other sizes, makes it simple to mix the product and pump them to the seed metering system. // LEARN MORE

Top Mount Closed Calibration Kit

Intended for use with CBP and PSD Tanks, Top Mount Calibration systems measure chemical flow by volume rather than pump speed, ensuring true chemical flow and accurate seed application. // LEARN MORE

Inoculant Tank

For the final application of soybean seed, this 15-gallon cone-bottom poly tank pumps an inoculant product to a treatment system. // LEARN MORE

Metering Ball Valve with Gauge

  • Regulates even flow of treatment product to the treater
  • Adjustable for volume control
  • Quick disconnect NPT fittings for easy cleaning
  • Recirculation/calibration/treatment valve

115 VAC Pump

  • Built-in bypass protection
  • 1.4 g.p.m. output (based on water)
  • Quick disconnect NPT fittings for easy cleaning

In-line Filter

  • Strainer basket with #20 mesh filter
  • Shut-off valve for easy cleaning/changing
  • Filters chemical for debris prior to pump

Plastic Tank Lid

  • Easy to open lid for filling/cleaning tank
  • 10-3/4” opening

Value Added Options

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy steel stand with built-in pump base
  • Cone shaped tank for easier drainage
  • UV protected, resistant to chemicals, impact and abrasion
  • Adapts well to treating systems
  • Easy cleanup requires no equipment breakdown

Bayer PLUS

Get more from your crop and your investment with Bayer PLUS.// more
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