Cone Bottom Poly (CBP) Premix Tanks

Treatment products sometimes require dilution or agitation. The CBP Premix Tank, available in the 30-gallon, 60-gallon and other sizes, makes it simple to mix the product and pump them to the seed metering system.

  • Hinged tank cover lid for easy inspection, grated finger guard for worker protection
  • Seamless, one-piece construction cone bottom and smooth surface design, ensures complete self-drainage of viscous products, easier clean out
  • Pre-wired heavy-duty agitation motor 115V for easy installation
  • Graduated tank body scale in gallons, for product level reference
  • UV protected and resistant to chemicals, impact and abrasion
  • Portable and easy to move stand alone tank
  • In-line filter for clean treatment product
  • Optional top mount calibration kit for precise liquid calibration
  • Optional Premium filter package for ultimate in-line filtering
  • Optional flow meter for linear PLC communication

Optional Pumping Systems (rates based on water)

  • 505 Low Rate (0.5 - 31.3 oz/min)
  • 505 High Rate (5.2 - 93.3 oz/min)
  • SP15 (21 - 169 oz/min)
  • 625 (21 - 284 oz/min)
  • LS (up to 100 oz/min, double head up to 200 oz/min)
  • SHURflo (up to 384 oz/min

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