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RH 800 Basic Seed Treating System
RH 2000 Basic 36" Drum Seed Treating System
RH 2000 Basic 48" Drum Seed Treating System

  • Rotary seed wheel controls positive seed delivery
  • MIST-O-MATIC® atomizer for improved treatment- to-seed coverage, does not require any lubrication
  • Variable speed drum control provides maximum blending efficiency and easily accommodates different seed types
  • Drum lift bar design helps ensure homogenous treatment-to-seed coverage. Lift bar design, combined with drum speed control, provides gentle tumbling and reduces seed damage
  • Adjustable stand accommodates conveyor hoppers and height limitations
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Rotary Volumetric Seed Wheel Rotary Volumetric Seed Wheel
  • Precise calibration and positive seed delivery control
  • Rotary seed wheel connected to control box
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Connected to commercial grade AC and gear motors
  • Upgrade current HC models with new RH seed wheel
  • Safety guard above the seed wheel
  • Safe and gentle seed handling
  • Seed sensor - when no seed is available, system will shut down
Closed Calibration Tank & Pump System Closed Calibration Tank & Pump System
  • New Top Mount 100 oz Closed Calibration
  • Provides accurate real time calibration by volume
  • Peristaltic pump equipped with various element sizes
  • Chemical recirculation function
  • Quick disconnect NPT fittings for easy cleaning
  • Tank agitation - for continuous chemical suspension
  • When seed wheel stops, the pump stops
  • Closed calibration limits worker exposure for improved safe handling procedures
Flow Meter Flow Meter
  • Helps prevent costly spills due to hose malfunction
  • Flow meter communicates with the PLC
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Cost effective and quality design
Controllers Single Control Panel
  • Seed Wheel Motor speed touch pad
  • Drum Motor speed touch pad, reversible drum for clean out
  • Soft start / stop VFD for full drum
  • Pump Switches (1 – 4)
  • Adjustable seed wheel speed for customized seed flow
  • Seed wheel controls both consistent seed flow and chemical application accuracy
  • Easy manual calibration between seed wheel touch pad and closed calibration system on Supply Tanks
Drum & Frame Features Drum and Frame Features
  • Direct drum drive
  • Soft start/stop for full drum
  • Drum angle adjustment
  • Adjustable frame height
  • Reversible drum for clean out
  • Variable speed drum drive
  • Adjustable drum and frame accommodates unique seed flow changes
Value Added Services
  • 1 year extended parts warranty
  • Site assessments
  • CAD drawings for site planning
  • Distributor network
  • National service support
  • Upgrade current HC-2000 model with RH-2000 treater head
  • Optional inlet surge bin
  • Optional inlet conveyor control for automating conveyors. Includes hi/lo sensors.
  • Compatible with most automated system controls
Additional Features RH 800   RH 2000 (36")   RH 2000 (48")
Rotary Volumetric Seed Wheel
Closed Calibration Tank & Pump System
Drum and Frame Features

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