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RH 800 Commercial Seed Treating System
RH 2000 Commercial 36" Drum Seed Treating System
RH 2000 Commercial 48" Drum Seed Treating System

In addition, these systems are modular in nature and may be upgraded as your operation grows. Recommended for treating corn, cotton, rice, sugar beet, sorghum, soybean and wheat seed.

  • Automatic pump speed compensation helps prevent over/under treatment.
  • Rotary volumetric seed wheel provides positive control of seed delivery and precise seed calibration
  • MIST-O-MATIC® atomizer for improved treatment-to-seed coverage, does not require any lubrication
  • UL 508 Listed control panel provides easy recipe creation and controls up to four pumps simultaneously or individually
  • State of the art electronics 12” color touch screen HMI interface and highly accurate AC variable frequency drives
  • PLC features data and reporting output capabilities (printer not included)
  • Variable speed drum control provides maximum blending efficiency and easily accommodates different seed types
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel treating head helps ensure long life and abrasion resistance
  • Adjustable stand accommodates conveyor hoppers and height imitations
  • Drum lift bar design helps ensure homogenous treatment-to-seed coverage. Lift bar design, combined with drum speed control, provides gentle tumbling and reduces seed damage
  • Optional Inlet surge bin
  • Optional inlet conveyor control for automating conveyors. Includes hi/lo sensors. Compatible with most automated system controls
  1. Additional Features
  2. Model Comparison
  3. Crops & Treatments
Rotary Volumetric Seed Wheel Rotary Volumetric Seed Wheel
  • Precise calibration and positive seed delivery control
  • Rotary seed wheel connected to control box
  • High quality stainless steel construction
  • Connected to commercial grade AC and gear motors
  • Upgrade current HC models with new RH seed wheel
  • Safety guard above the seed wheel
  • Safe and gentle seed handling
  • Seed sensor - when no seed is available, system will shut down
Closed Calibration Tank & Pump System Closed Calibration Tank & Pump System
  • New Top Mount 100 oz Closed Calibration
  • Provides accurate real time calibration by volume
  • Peristaltic pump equipped with various element sizes
  • Chemical recirculation function
  • Quick disconnect NPT fittings for easy cleaning
  • Tank agitation - for continuous chemical suspension
  • When seed wheel stops, the pump stops
  • Closed calibration limits worker exposure for improved safe handling procedures
Drum & Frame Features Drum and Frame Features
  • Direct drum drive
  • Soft start/stop for full drum
  • Drum angle adjustment
  • Adjustable frame height
  • Reversible drum for clean out
  • Variable speed drum drive
  • Adjustable drum and frame accommodates unique seed flow changes
Value Added Services
  • Includes start-up, installation and training
  • Site assessments
  • CAD drawings for site planning
  • Annual software upgrade
  • Distributor network
  • National service support
  • RH seed treating systems are compliant with all seed company specifications and requirements
Additional Features RH 800   RH 2000 (36")   RH 2000 (48")
Rotary Volumetric Seed Wheel
Closed Calibration Tank & Pump System
Flow Meter
Drum and Frame Features
RH 800/RH 2000 (36") RH 2000 (48")
RH 800 / RH 2000 RH 2000 (48
RH 800 RH 2000 (36") RH 2000 (48")
Capacity 800 bu/hr (based on soybeans) (bu/hr or u/hr) 2000 bu/hr (based on soybeans) (bu/hr or u/hr) 2,700 u/hr (unit=50lb) based on soybeans (bu/hr or u/hr)
Height 118.75" (adjustable) 115.91" (adjustable) 123.79" (adjustable)
Length 115.43" 143.42" 128.18"
Width 44.00"   38.75"   50.00"
Commercial Downstream Drum Treater Crop Chart

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