Equipment Design

On Demand Equipment is State of the Art

On Demand™ is available as a complete treatment unit or as an “add-on” to current drum treaters. There are a number of key improvements over traditional seed-treating equipment. Foremost, the system is fully automated and completely closed. Pre-loaded, bulk product containers eliminate inaccuracies caused by traditional hand mixing. The system is operated by a control panel for precise application, resulting in evenly coated seeds, helping to ensure consistency and helping to minimize the risk of product exposure. On Demand is also the first and only seed treatment system to offer business-to-business Internet communication among Crop Science, seed company partners and custom seed treaters.

In addition, Crop Science works with distributor partners to provide on-site installation, training and service of On Demand equipment.

Flexibility. On Demand.

On Demand™ seeks to bring the accuracy, efficiency and reporting available at commercial plants downstream to the seed retailer or dealer. The process GREATLY enhances the efficiency of stand-alone sites and bulk sites. A basic On Demand unit consists of six 15-gallon containers of product metered directly to the treater. However, the system is flexible and can be expanded to include up to 12 containers. An available flex tank can be used for water rinsing, to adjust conditions of application, and/or to hold inoculants. The inherent flexibility of the On Demand process means seed retailers can formulate custom applications without developing multiple in-can formulations.

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