What Is On DemandTM?

On Demand is a fully automated closed system. On Demand ensures seed treatments are applied correctly. It also features more accurate reporting capabilities, improved inventory management and streamlined invoicing, bring better service downstream.

How Does On Demand Differ from Other Seed Treaters?

The fully automated, closed system includes preloaded bulk product drums, eliminating inaccuracies caused by traditional hand mixing. The control panel- operated system offers precise application for evenly coated seeds and is the first and only seed treatment system to offer business-to-business Internet communication.

What are the Benefits of Using the On Demand System?

On Demand provides several benefits including ease of use, inventory management, integrated customer service and stewardship. The control panel allows operators to select multiple preloaded customer-specific recipes for consistent applications, resulting in improved seed integrity and efficiency. The system also has the ability to help manage usage and can automatically reorder supplies for dealers to optimize inventory.

Is On Demand Difficult to Operate?

The user-friendly touchscreen control panel has drop-down menus that allow users to select multiple preloaded customer-specific recipes. If any component of the system is not working properly, the service center will be alerted.

What Are The Benefits of Using Seed-Applied Treatments?

Seed treatment offers growers their first line of defense against crop-damaging pests and diseases. Precise seed treatment application through On DemandTM provides more assurance of product effectiveness.

Why Should Growers Want Seed Treaters to Use On Demand?

On Demand helps ensure seed treatments are applied correctly, consistently and according to labeled rates, resulting in full product performance and good environmental stewardship.

As Technology Advances, How will On Demand Continue to Keep up with the Latest Innovations?

The On Demand system will continue to improve with annual updates to software, including new recipes, hardware changes, and updates to stewardship, online reporting and product requirements.This will ensure that On Demand will remain the most effective, most efficient, most advanced seed treating equipment on the market.

Why Does Crop Science Offer On Demand?

Crop Science strives to be the global innovation leader, discovering new approaches and providing sustainable solutions from seed to harvest and beyond. Crop Science’s goal is to bring to market game-changing technologies that address the most important agronomic challenges facing growers.

How is On Demand Installed?

Bayer has partnered with equipment distributors to provide on-site training, installation and service of On Demand equipment. Email equipment@bayer.com for more information.

When Will the On Demand System be Available for Purchase?

The On Demand System is available now.

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