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Wheat in the field


Welcome to the spring wheat resource hub. Here, you can access helpful articles, videos, grower insights and information on crop protection products that can help protect your plants and maximize your yield potential.

Spring wheat application timing chart for when to apply Bayer productsApplication Calendar

Click here for a visual guide to show you which products can be most effective throughout the various growth stages of spring wheat.



Here, you can explore articles on common spring wheat challenges, diseases, pests, news and innovative solutions.

A farmer looking at wheat in the fieldsFrom Seed to Harvest: Bayer Cereal Solutions

A successful harvest is a season-long process. Bayer offers a broad portfolio of innovative cereals solutions from planting to harvest.
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Spring Wheat Product Portfolio

We’re proud to showcase our broad portfolio of products for spring wheat. Explore our catalog to find the right crop-management solutions for your operation.

EverGol Energy
Gaucho 600
Raxil Pro
Raxil Pro Shield
Huskie FX
Huskie Complete
RimFire Max
Roundup PowerMAX 3
Baythroid XL


Videos and Interviews

Explore more grower and expert insights through our videos and audio interviews.

Planning for the Upcoming Wheat SeasonPlanning for the Upcoming Wheat Season

Doug Holen, Foundation Seed Manager at Montana State University, shares his tips to plan for the upcoming wheat season.

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